The new website features new content and content not previously available on the old website. Highlights include: The A-Z of language teaching, now with a separate A-Z of teaching primary school aged children, a much expanded list of downloadable articles and papers, the full text of Andrew Littlejohn's PhD thesis, often cited in Applied Linguistics literature, and details of published books and courses, with many samples to download.

Andrew Littlejohn was recently a featured plenary speaker at the annual international RELC conference in Singapore. The conference focused on learning and teaching strategies, and Andrew Littlejohn's paper is available on this website..

The 4th edition of Company to Company is now available. This popular course for teaching business correspondence, provides guidance and practice activities on business correspondence, full simulations which replicate business situations, and sections on the writing process (planning, drafting, checking, etc.). The 4th edition emphasises email correspondence, but includes guidance on business letters and faxes. A sample is available on this website.

First choice is a new series of topic based materials in English for young learners (approx. 6-8 years old). The series includes topics such as food, transport, plants, animals, the seasons, colours, the five senses, and where we live.

Primary Colours, the well-known course for 6-11 year olds, is now complete, with six levels! Versions exist in British English and American English.

Versions of Primary Colours also now exist for Italy, Spain, Japan and the Arabian Gulf..